Monday, September 26, 2005


The Celtic holiday of Mabon is the time when day and night are of equal length and the Druids celebrate the Mysteries of life and honor ancient Deities. During this time of balance the mystery of passing beyond the veil of time between the parallel universes that control what paths we follow in each world may be breached.


Could I possibly skip through time and follow a different path through the stones of Stonehenge? Standing in the center how many paths are there to other times, other places, other choices? Could I leap to moments in my other lives, steal to times that might have been; lives I feel inside me, beside me, around me? Can I take the chance I chose not to take this last time around? Can I choose to do the one thing I have regretted not doing all my life?  Is this a path through old regrets, to wishful thinking? I can’t go back in this life but can I cheat the hands of fate?


Close your eyes and think within the circle. hear the haunting tinkling musical sounds of the forests, streams, of nature.  I will try to cross over where the stones stand in early morning autumn light. I will walk through the mist, merge into my other self and do there what I couldn’t do here or then -- what I can’t redo here in this time and space. Stonehenge the dream of possibilities, the mind a wonderland of promise.

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