Monday, September 26, 2005


The Celtic holiday of Mabon is the time when day and night are of equal length and the Druids celebrate the Mysteries of life and honor ancient Deities. During this time of balance the mystery of passing beyond the veil of time between the parallel universes that control what paths we follow in each world may be breached.


Could I possibly skip through time and follow a different path through the stones of Stonehenge? Standing in the center how many paths are there to other times, other places, other choices? Could I leap to moments in my other lives, steal to times that might have been; lives I feel inside me, beside me, around me? Can I take the chance I chose not to take this last time around? Can I choose to do the one thing I have regretted not doing all my life?  Is this a path through old regrets, to wishful thinking? I can’t go back in this life but can I cheat the hands of fate?


Close your eyes and think within the circle. hear the haunting tinkling musical sounds of the forests, streams, of nature.  I will try to cross over where the stones stand in early morning autumn light. I will walk through the mist, merge into my other self and do there what I couldn’t do here or then -- what I can’t redo here in this time and space. Stonehenge the dream of possibilities, the mind a wonderland of promise.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

A place to relax

I'd like to be on the inside looking out of this waterfall...I imagine it warm.

The Wedding

I guess you may be the only one reading this ---I remember when he (Billy Idol)looked too young for me---now he doesn't even if he is.

The menu -- the cake  -- the dresses --- I'm ready for the party ---these details are for the birds--

Course I have nothing to wear. It means I HAVE to go shopping, how horrible...

In going through pictures today I found myself laughing out loud. You kids have been a trip, I 've got to tell you. What a group you are-- there's never been a dull moment.

Looking at pictures of your father has been pretty funny too. His hair has gone through more transformations than mine.  

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Fast Fiction

 Solar Flares
By Maureen Sevilla

Carly looked at the thermostat which barely indicated a problem with the engine temperature as steam burst through every gap in the engine hood. She looked at her watch; it had stopped. She realized no one had passed by in at least the last hour. The radio crackled as she reached for the phone to call roadside assistance. She managed to hear, “A large solar flare was reported Wednesday and forecasters warned of potential electrical and communications disruptions,” just as she put her cell back on the seat and looked around the desert landscape, dismally losing hope of a passerby.

Sunday, September 18, 2005


I just read a poem by Langston Hughes which made me think of all immigrants , forced by slavery, or position, or adventurousness to leave their homeland for a new land—generations later genetically seeking their origins. Are they part of their forefathers’ land? Part of the seas, or rivers? Stardust? Part of all things?  Do they search or are they drawn to an abundance of their forefathers DNA buried or sprinkled or dispersed someplace they will recognize instinctively?

Check out I'm in last weeks fastfiction again.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Mont St. Michel

My mood is nostalgic and that wasn't one of my choices so there!!

I want to actually go to this place -- not meerly see it from the mainland as I did so many years ago. I feel greedy because I've seen and done so much, but I guess it can't hurt to wish and dream. "Keep your eye on the goal".

I'll add another place I want to go another time. For now I'll wish for an island that surrounds itself with the sea periodically yet reaches out for the land it has so recently escaped.


Thursday, August 25, 2005


This picture is one I took last year of a waterlily in my pond.  I never appreciaited it as much until I put it on my desk top and viewed the photo on a  grand scale.  I love the way the water wraps around the edges of the lily pad and th way it breaks away from the rolled pad emerging through the dark depths of the pond.  Expand it if you can for details.